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first steps on android

One man advised me to start blogging on English to practice in language. So, it is my first try.
Last week i trained in Android development making my hello world applications. Surprise was that methods that looks-like-a-crunch in .NET are okay in Java and provided in official Android SDK documentation. For example, to handle ’button’ click on the screen we should write:

Button button = (Button) findViewById(;
button.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
     public void onClick(View v) {
         // Perform action on click

The first applications were classical `hello world`, an app with two text boxes and button, text copied form first text box to second on button click, and application drawing red balls on the screen where i touch my finger.

Also tried phoneGap framework to make platform-independent html application for mobile, but it starts too slow. I mean you should wait for 2-3 seconds while your application starts on your device. It is terrible.

But the same way this experience was very joyful and I was very happy to see apps running on my android phone.